In the past few weeks, the StakeWise community has rallied behind the idea of deploying a Uniswap V3 pool for SWISE/sETH2 token pair and quickly developed it from a concept into a proposal. Following a successful DAO vote to allocate 500,000 $SWISE of incentives towards this farm, the core contributor…

Attention, everyone — our friends at Reflexer Finance have added sETH2 to an experimental pool that allows our users to lend sETH2 to other market participants and use it as collateral to borrow ETH, RAI and other assets.

This Fuse pool is located in Rari Capital’s platform and can be…

Thank you once again to everyone who tuned in for our call on Thursday! It was a great pleasure to tell you about our plans and answer your questions, and we cannot wait to have another call soon.

Meanwhile, below is the summary of everything that was mentioned on the…


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