A deep-dive into the ETH2 security practices of StakeWise

The BLS Horcrux

  • StakeWise has seven key parts split between seven independent parties. It adheres to the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) mechanism, which prescribes choosing m parts based on the tolerated number of failures n, where m = 3n +1, to maximize the chance of reaching consensus despite failed signatures (e.g. loss of key parts).
  • At StakeWise, the responsibility for holding the keys is clearly assigned to the individual holders, who are experienced with the private key management routines and are aware of the consequences of losing them.
  • StakeWise conducts monthly drills for the parties involved in the BLS Horcrux multisig, ensuring that the keys are accessible and secured, and minimising reaction time in adverse scenarios.

Withdrawal to a smart contract




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