An Update on StakeWise Progress

2 min readJul 1, 2020


Hey @everyone!

Month of June is behind us, and what a month it was! Time flew by as we concentrated on making improvements to StakeWise (big and small) and prepared for launch of our marketing campaign (keep your eyes peeled). Today, we would like to share some of the progress we’ve made during the past few weeks, focusing on the update to our website:

  • We simplified our dashboard by making it easier to navigate between Pools and Solo options.

We consolidated our features to just two sections instead of four to de-clutter our dashboard. The split between Pools and Solo reflects fundamental differences between two products and how users think about modes of staking, so separation made sense.

  • We renamed Groups and Pools into Public and Private Pools.

We found that Pools deserved a rename to better reflect their underlying functions. Both are now located within Pools section and are more intuitive to use.

  • We added a Public Pool without duration for those staking until Phase 2.

This option was added for the committed ones of you, who don’t consider liquidity of deposit a priority, because they believe in Ethereum 2.0. A pool with no duration will be staking until Phase 2 & will not request Validator Transfer during the staking period.

  • You can now use not only MetaMask, but also Portis to access StakeWise.

A must-have option that we always had in mind to ensure maximum accessibility of StakeWise. Note that Coinbase and any other wallet supporting walletConnect protocol are available too, but will become accessible only on Mainnet (these are wallets’ own limitations, not ours). Previously, we supported only MetaMask to connect your wallet.

  • Our web interface is now available in both light and dark modes.

We are probably more excited about this than you are, but now you can check your deposits while enjoying the sun at the beach or when watching a boring movie in the cinema!

  • Plenty of other small usability & security improvements.

Just perfecting our system ahead of Phase 0 launch.

We encourage you to check out the updated dashboard and give us your thoughts! Community feedback is important for us and we’ll do our best to implement the best ideas.

Next in our technical pipeline is adding a knowledge base on Ethereum 2.0 staking, UI for non-custodial validators and further improvements to usability & security. As for marketing, we will be getting more visible in the next few days.

Stay tuned and happy staking!

With ❤,

StakeWise Team




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