Announcing the Launch of StakeWise V3

3 min readNov 28, 2023


The StakeWise team is excited to announce that the long-awaited protocol upgrade, StakeWise V3, is now live on the Ethereum mainnet! 🎉

The coveted upgrade introduces a novel approach to liquid staking, whereby StakeWise will allow any node operator and staker on Ethereum to mint osETH, a liquid staking token, to represent ETH staked on their nodes.

StakeWise V3 also features a marketplace of staking offers, each offering different node operators and distinct performance, infrastructure setup, MEV strategy, and commission through smart contracts called Vaults. Users without 32 ETH can stake any amount of ETH through their chosen Vault to start earning staking rewards, unstake at any time, and mint osETH to access opportunities available through other dApps on Ethereum.

When combined together, osETH and the marketplace of nodes give stakers the ability to access liquid staking from the security of their chosen node, and provide liquidity and access to DeFi opportunities for all ETH currently staked outside of the existing liquid staking protocols.

StakeWise is proud to have over 20 launch partners featured in the Vaults Marketplace, including A41, Blockscape, Blockshard, Brick Towers, Chorus One, CryptoManufaktur, DataNexus, DSRV, eBunker, Everstake, Hashquark, KysenPool, Luganodes, Matrixed Link, Meria, ONEinfra, Peer Ventures, Pier Two, Senseinode, Serenita, Simply Staking, Stakesaurus, Stakingverse, Swiss Staking, and

P2P, Gnosis, DSRV, Chorus One, Bitfly, Finoa Consensus Services, Telekom (formerly Deutsche Telekom),, Stake.Fish, and Senseinode will support StakeWise V3 as Oracles, ensuring a decentralized approach to calculating staking rewards earned by users and automatically processing validator exits to support users’ requests to withdraw ETH from the platform.

The major overhaul in StakeWise’s approach to staking should not worry its existing users because the current platform will continue to exist alongside StakeWise V3. Any existing users of StakeWise willing to migrate their stake to V3 can do it now with one simple transaction by following these instructions:


At the core of StakeWise V3 is the idea that liquid staking should not be exclusively available on specific nodes and staking platforms. In fact, ETH staked in any validator could be made liquid if a single liquid staking token standard existed.

StakeWise V3 seeks to offer such a standard with osETH, its LST. It accrues staking rewards when held, and can be minted for any validator in the network. Thanks to osETH, farming, trading, leverage, and restaking opportunities involving staked ETH can soon be universally accessible by all nodes on Ethereum, even those outside of liquid staking protocols.

Having osETH is a big win for solo stakers, DAOs, staking companies, and other organizations who may prefer to stake independently instead of pooling capital across multiple providers.

Use cases like liquid solo staking, bespoke liquid staking arrangements, white-label liquid staking access, and use of DVT technology like Obol and SSV are available on StakeWise V3 from day 1.

Yet ordinary stakers can take advantage of universal access to osETH too, because it empowers them to choose specific nodes and control how their ETH is staked while keeping it liquid.

For them, StakeWise has built a marketplace of node operators where users can browse offers, called Vaults, and seek specific terms like a low staking fee, slashing insurance, MEV strategy, location of nodes, and other factors. Any ETH staked this way remains liquid with osETH.

StakeWise V3 is now available at




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