Join StakeWise in Pyrmont — the last testnet before launch.

2 min readDec 4, 2020


It is the final countdown ⏱️🎶

The eagerly anticipated and much promised Pyrmont migration is finally complete! It marks the last stage of testing before the official release of StakeWise on the mainnet. We are excited to be heading into this phase with a growing community and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the performance 🏆

This is what running on Pyrmont means compared to the previous testnet:

1. Validators take much faster to activate, so the Pool’s users will get to experience their tokens in action, while Solo users will be able to properly test the billing system 💰

2. No shackles on the performance — Pyrmont’s participation consistently remains > 90%, which means that you will finally see our latest setup out in the wild and assess its performance 🚀

3. Min deposit in the Pool was reduced to just 1 Wei (1*10^-18 ETH) — truly limitless 👑

4. A few minor bugs that you reported with Solo have been fixed, so the product is now in the near-perfect condition 🍦

As we start counting days before launch, we would love for you to give our platform one final spin and deposit as much gETH into the Pool and Solo as you can get your hands on (if you run out of the faucet, let me know — I’ll send more gETH your way)! Heavy usage will help bring out anything that still needs polishing and will show you our performance when running at a large scale (hint: it’s great, but it’s best to see for yourself). So without further ado — head to and deposit that gETH like a whale would 🥩

On our side, we will be going through the final checklist of tasks to complete before mainnet. Getting a list of addresses of everyone who participated in the beta is one of them because (should I even remind you?) all participants are in for a sweet surprise 🎁 at the end of it. We are very excited to be entering this last phase together with you and look forward to announcing the mainnet launch date!

Happy staking!

StakeWise Team




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