New Epoch by StakeWise: August Edition

4 min readAug 10, 2023


Welcome to the New Epoch Newsletter by StakeWise!

Keeping up with community updates can at times be challenging — with so much going on, we understand that it’s easy to miss out on important news.

But fear not, we’ve got you covered. We will keep you in the loop about all the wise happenings of the past month and highlight the coolest opportunities to get you ahead of the game with the help of StakeWise!

Our newsletter will generally cover the following topics:

🌊 Dive into the Liquid Staking Scoop

🤝 Celebrate our latest Partnerships & Milestones

🚪 Behind-the-Scenes Peek from the team!

🐦 Catch up with our X(Twitter) Updates.

🔦 A special Community Spotlight.

🫵 #OnYourTerms with StakeWise

StakeWise V3 is a permissionless and decentralized staking protocol. Our goal is to:

  • make solo staking cool again,
  • put the choice of node operator(s) into the user’s hands, and
  • offer a new, less risky staked Ether token standard as an alternative to prevailing models.

Testnet when? Testnet now! 🔝

The StakeWise Team made a notable appearance at ETHCC, where we also proudly unveiled the V3 public testnet.👇

Our public demo received a remarkable amount of interest, drawing a substantial influx of participants keen to explore and engage with our testnet 🎉

Discover limitless staking possibilities with StakeWise V3 on testnet! Partcipate in the testnet here👉

🤝 Partnerships

July was a month full of joining hands with other prominent protocols across the ecosystem.

  • Blockscape will be launching a new Ethereum staking platform integrating StakeWise V3 tech under the hood.
  • Dappnode announced that StakeWise V3 package is coming to their devices soon!
  • DSRV announced that they are supporting V3 as an operator.
  • Frens announced that they expect to contribute to V3 as a validator.

We are proud to have many more exciting partnerships in the works.

🤫 Alpha alert: you will find the leading Ethereum operators testing V3 if you peek at the Vaults being created 👀

🚪 Behind-the-Scenes Peek

We recently made a proposal to @0xMantle to use the modular architecture of StakeWise V3 for Mantle’s potential 270K ETH-strong LST product. Anything Mantle would be looking to build according to the schematic design proposed for Mantle ETH is already available in V3. Read all about the proposal here:

🐦 X Updates

  • StakeWise x Obol Network X space: “How Liquid Staking Protocols Can Help Decentralize Node Operations”👇

  • Well well, how can we miss the thrilling ETHCC updates? Because we took ETHCC by a storm! 🌊

  • If you’re eager to delve deeper into StakeWise V3, we recommend watching the recorded version of the demo and the community discussion on the SWISE tokenomics & liquidity. These recordings offers a detailed overview of V3 and upcoming initiatives.

Public Demo:

Tokenomics & Liquidity Discussion:

🔦 Community Spotlight

Discover the tweets and endorsements from our fantastic community members in this special section. Share your staking experiences and love for StakeWise, and you might just be featured in our next edition! #TheWiseCommunity

Here are a few previously posted tweets from our community 🫶

  • The kind of “GM” we look for — by Ivailo
  • A great high-level explainer about StakeWise V3 and the new design space it opens for liquid staking — by lito.eth
  • Live tweeting from our Pacific Testnet presentation and sharing perspective on StakeWise V3 — by Christine

🌊 Coming Soon

Catch Us at Permissionless, Korea Blockchain Week, and Token 2049 this September!

The response at ETHCC was incredible! The StakeWise team is now all set to hit the road and make its presence known at some major Blockchain events later this year. If you happen to spot us, we would love a wise hello from you 👋

Korea Blockchain Week September 4–10, The Shilla Seoul

Permissionless September 11–13, Austin Tx.

Token2049 September 13–14, Singapore

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