Several Reasons To Choose Stakewise for Ethereum 2.0 Staking

3 min readJul 2, 2020


Conventional wisdom tells us that keeping all eggs in one basket is risky. We believe the same is true for staking, especially when you run multiple validators.

Introducing StakeWise — your alternative all-in-one staking provider you can test today (beta).

StakeWise has one overarching purpose — to fully meet your ETH staking needs at a competitive price point. Most of you must be familiar with the different modes of staking by now, so let us focus on why you should consider diversifying with help of StakeWise:

1) You don’t need any technical knowledge to stake with us.

Avoid complex setups & fear of penalties. Simply log into StakeWise with your wallet and choose a staking method. We take care of the rest. You can track your earnings, check the status of your validator, and even withdraw your deposit before Phase 2 (T&Cs apply).

2) You can stake in many ways — solo & pools — including with own withdrawal key.

Stake with others via pool, or stake on your own. Pooling is available with a minimum deposit of 0.001 ETH and for a minimum staking duration of 1 month. For friends who want to stake together, we have invite-only private pools with managed transfers, and you can bring your withdrawal keys if you want. Usage of own withdrawal key is also available for solo staking.

3) We offer you a fair price for superior stability.

All validators run in the cloud with failover infrastructure, zero downtime upgrades, and multi-node clusters. This minimizes the chance of downtime to near zero, where no penalty = higher return. Our 10% commission on rewards for pools is a small price to pay for complete peace of mind, and solo staking with own withdrawal key is marginally cheaper than DIY alternatives that have <98% uptime (comparison).

We already run on Prysmatic Labs Testnet (blog post) and have been involved with Ethereum 2.0 since the early days. For developers, we offer API to enable connection to your apps. Our contracts can be examined in our Github repo here.

If you are still unconvinced.. We yearn for community feedback and have the tech muscle to respond to your wants and needs. Thus, your voice will be heard and can influence the direction we take. As a sweetener, we are also offering 3 months of staking for free to the first 100 users who join our Telegram & Discord as a special sign-up promo, and progressively shorter periods to those who join later (T&Cs). Additional rewards will be offered to users who provide constructive feedback, report bugs, and invite friends, with exact terms to be clarified later.

So bottom line: we have an excellent proposition for diversification (and first-choice for the undetermined!) and there’s no reason to ignore your chance to join now. We hope to see you in our ranks very soon.


StakeWise Team




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