StakeWise Announces Launch of Atlantic, a Closed Testnet for StakeWise V3

4 min readMar 1, 2023

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Atlantic, a closed testnet for StakeWise V3!

This is a huge milestone for StakeWise, as we get one step closer to offering universal access to liquid staking to Ethereum users and break the pattern of centralization happening on the network.

Read on to learn more about the purpose and goals for the Atlantic testnet, as well as our approach to the steps that come next.

StakeWise V3 and the purpose of Atlantic testnet

StakeWise V3 is a permissionless protocol offering stakers of all kinds the ability to run nodes, stake own capital, and receive ETH deposits, all while maintaining access to the liquid staking ecosystem on Ethereum.

The modular architecture of StakeWise V3 allows users to secure the network in a way they find the most convenient. Some options include staking ETH with one click to receive a slashing-resistant liquid staking token, choosing among the different operators in a Vaults Marketplace, or running solo liquid nodes to support the network from home.

As we aim to bring StakeWise V3 to the many users previously sidelined from participating in liquid staking, it is important that we thoroughly stress-test the different novel parts of the protocol before mainnet release. This is where the Atlantic testnet comes in.

Atlantic Testnet

The purpose of the Atlantic testnet is to provide a controlled environment in which any potential issues are identified & addressed as quickly as possible while still stretching the StakeWise V3 architecture to its capacity. For this reason, participation in the Atlantic testnet is reserved for the individuals and organisations who have a wealth of experience running blockchain infrastructure and can provide prompt feedback for the StakeWise development team to act on.

We are proud to have Foundry, Finoa Custody, Blockscape, Dappnode, Stakely and many others, including DAOs, communities and solo stakers, taking part in the Atlantic testnet. We are grateful to all the testnet participants for helping StakeWise stress-test the new protocol, and are happy to see them explore its features and assess its suitability for their respective use cases.

We will continue to onboard more participants on the Atlantic testnet. Please reach out to one of the StakeWise team members on Discord if you would like to join the closed testnet and have an early glimpse into the innovative features brought by the StakeWise V3 protocol.

Testnet goals

At this stage, we are looking to test the core Vaults logic as well as the operator software, to ensure that everything that is built on top of Vaults can rely on their strong foundation.

Specifically, we will be looking to test the following components:


  • All Vaults-related functionality works seamlessly with no issues

Oracle Service

  • Seamless approvals for validator registrations from different Vaults
  • Correct validation of exit signatures and matching of the predicted validator index to the actual index
  • Consistent voting for consensus rewards for all the Vaults

Operator Service

  • Can register at least a single validator for the Vault
  • Can register multiple validators for the Vault

Keeper Service

  • Can keep track of new oracle reward votes and submit necessary transactions

Backend Service

  • Can consistently track new validators and update their stats
  • Can consistently upload metadata to IPFS
  • Can consistently upload Vault rewards to IPFS

Keys manager tool

  • Can generate keys, configs for k8s deployments

As soon as these parts of the StakeWise architecture have been thoroughly tested and all the bugs fixed, we will proceed to the next stage of testing which will be open to the public. Our current estimates suggest that it can happen in March.

Final remarks

The mission of StakeWise V3 is to grant everyone access to liquid staking on their terms, enabling more Ethereum network participants to have a liquid token for use in DeFi while staking from home or through smaller operators.

The launch of the Atlantic testnet marks the final stages of a lengthy development process for the StakeWise DAO and the beginning of testing the StakeWise V3 protocol with progressively more usage.

This is a new era for StakeWise DAO and we cannot wait to see the positive impact that modular liquid staking can have on the Ethereum network.

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