StakeWise Public Launch and Early Adopters Campaign Announced

StakeWise is officially live on the mainnet.

Five testnets, 1,400 beta users, and thousands of validators later, we are immensely happy to launch our protocol for the general public. StakeWise users can expect a bespoke ETH2 staking experience based on unique tokenomics, community-led governance, and non-custodial, stress-tested setup.

$2M Fundraise Completed

We are excited to announce that simultaneously with this milestone, we have closed a $2M funding round led by Greenfield One, with contributions from Collider Ventures, Gumi Cryptos, Lionschain Capital, and a network of LPs. Prior to this round, Collider Labs provided initial capital and development support. Together with the investors and the community around StakeWise, the protocol’s sights are set on bringing a seamless staking experience to every ETH holder and opening governance of the protocol to new users.

Early Adopters Campaign

As part of the launch, we are announcing an Early Adopters Campaign that will last for the first 25K Ether of deposits into the StakeWise Pool. The Campaign is designed to reward early users with an APY boost and create a cohesive community of stakers to kick off protocol’s governance.

The tiered Campaign will reward $SWISE governance tokens to stakers in the following manner:

  • 1st tier (0–5K Ether): 1,200 $SWISE per 1 ETH deposit
  • 2nd tier (5–15K Ether): 800 $SWISE per 1 ETH deposit
  • 3rd tier (15–25K Ether): 600 $SWISE per 1 ETH deposit

A total of 2% of the token supply, or 20,000,000 $SWISE tokens, will be distributed among early adopters through this mechanism. As of this writing, all of the existing deposits (~9K Ether) into the Pool are automatically eligible for participation in the Campaign, meaning that over 30% of the $SWISE allocation has already been reserved by early stakers.

Campaign participants will be able to collect their $SWISE via Merkle Drop after the Token Generation Event (TGE) in March. Consequent token distribution campaigns will focus on incentivizing deep liquidity for the tokens, and giving all stakers a vote in the protocol through a basic $SWISE distribution mechanism.

You can learn more about the tokenomics of StakeWise here.

Post-Launch Community Call

Whether you’re already staking with us or just want to learn more, we invite you to our first post-launch Community Call on Thursday, March 11th, 7 pm CET. We will celebrate the kick-off of the Early Adopters Campaign, present the development pipeline for the next few months, and discuss community engagement strategies for growing the protocol.

Register for the call here:

Join hundreds of other stakers in the StakeWise Pool to embark on your ETH staking journey and claim your place as an early adopter 🚀

We also love chatting on Discord and Telegram — see you there!




All-in-one ETH staking platform. Pool ETH with friends or strangers, or host your validator with us, hassle-free. Get started

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All-in-one ETH staking platform. Pool ETH with friends or strangers, or host your validator with us, hassle-free. Get started

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