StakeWise V3 Announcement

  1. anyone can join as a node operator without permission or collateral, including solo stakers;
  2. solo stakers can mint liquid osETH tokens against their own node;
  3. ordinary stakers can freely allocate ETH to specific node operators of their liking, including solo nodes;
  4. DeFi users can stake by holding a liquid osETH token protected against penalties and slashing; and
  5. institutions & crypto exchanges can create private mini-pools with access controls and the ability to tap into a decentralized network of nodes with a liquid osETH token ecosystem.

Ethereum staking today

Distribution of Beacon Chain deposits, data courtesy of Etherscan

Introducing StakeWise V3

High-level overview of StakeWise V3 system


Example of Vaults in StakeWise V3
  • The existing StakeWise node operators — Finoa, T-Systems, and others.
  • A group of solo stakers, using Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) from Obol or SSV
  • A single solo staker
  • A mix between solo stakers, communities, and organizations of any kind.

Vault Scoring Model

Example of StakeWise V3 Vault Score

osETH Token for Liquid Staking

Illustration of osETH overcollateralization

Use cases

Solo stakers

Liquid Staking & DeFi Power Users

Commercial Node Operators

Institutions & Exchanges




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